Live Video Car Dealerships & Showrooms

Increase your conversions and customer satisfaction with personal video messages and live personalized demos.

Seemless Experience

Win over customers with a one click live video demos

One Click Demos

No downloads needed. Works right from your favorite browser. Simply hit the link and your in the showroom

Privacy Protection

Your customers can enable their video only when needed. Option is join the demo with video off by default.

Multiple platforms

Customers can join the demo from laptop/desktop or mobile running any of the popular operating systems.

How It Works

Schedule demos in minutes

Integrated scheduling to let you keep track of upcoming demos

1. Schedule Demo

Schedule the demo by providing the customer details.

2. Get demo link

Every one gets the demo link on email and other mediums. Reminder emails are sent shortly before the demo.

3. Get Sales

Conduct the demo and answer queries in high quality live video.

Nurture Leads

Send personalized video messages to segmented audiences

Create a Campaign

Create a campaign to setup a set of emails with videos that will be sent in a series at set times. Create multiple campaigns for multiple products.

Record or Upload Video Message in an instant

Record your video message or upload your high quality video in an instant. Customize all aspects of the email in one page.

View results and schedule meetings

Your emails can contain a custom CTA which can drive users to your demo pages or to your schedule link from which they can schedule video meetings with your agents at mutually available times in a few minutes.