Tools for Remote Work – Bring Serendipity Back to the Office

Transcription –   Tools for sustainable remote work in 2021 At Vidphone we really look at remote work as a very very serious kind of problem to work on.We have seen with scheduled meetings and scheduled webinars the whole element of serendipity today is lost in business and this is one of the big challenges … Read more

Your Virtual Office is Open!

Your Virtual Office is open! Vidphone is happy to announce the launch of our Virtual Offices to help you to connect and bring back serendipitous conversations with your teammates and friends. To try it for yourself, join the public virtual office and take a seat. You can invite anyone you like to join you of … Read more

Stream to Facebook Live!

Vidphone lets you broaden your audience by streaming simultaneously to Facebook Live. In this post, we will walk you through how you can stream simultaneously to facebook live. Get your Facebook key Login into your facebook account and then visit and click on the blue “Create Live Stream” button Next you will be taken … Read more

Stream to Youtube Live!

Vidphone lets you broaden your audience by streaming simultaneously to Youtube Live. In this post, we will walk you through the one time setup required to stream on Youtube Live. Live enabled Youtube Account One requirement to go live on Youtube is an account with live streaming enabled, by default all accounts are not enabled … Read more

Introducing Theme Rooms!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, video conferencing usage has exploded, with people spending much more of their time infront of the camera on long meetings, this tends to get boring quickly and the grid view layout of everyone in their own squares is overdone. Introducting Theme View which lets you set your own background image … Read more

Virtual reception!

Vidphone is proud to launch Virtual Reception, which showcases your company’s brand and offerings on the internet! In your virtual reception, you can showcase your brand by uploading your logo, 2 poster images and a promotion PDF which your visitors can download. Visitors can also drop their details like name, email and phone number which … Read more

User guides to get you going

Vidphone finally has user guides for most of our features, these walk you through the steps of performing the most common tasks in a step by step manner. Starting a user guide/tutorial is simple! Simply login/signup into the dashboard and click the question mark icon in the header bar present in all dashboard pages, this … Read more

Video sales for 10x Startup Growth

Join Jagat Iyer (Founder & CEO) Vidphone and Vijetha Shastry (Executive Director) TiE Bangalore as we illustrate on the ways Vidphone can achieve customer happiness.

Vidphon – A Secure Video Communications Platform

India and the world are facing a crisis like never before, worse than World War 2. While the world war was fought by armies on two sides (Allied and Axis powers) engaged in war , the coronavirus pandemic has put each and every person in the world on the front lines, left to fend for … Read more