Stream to Youtube Live!

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Vidphone lets you broaden your audience by streaming simultaneously to Youtube Live. In this post, we will walk you through the one time setup required to stream on Youtube Live.

Live enabled Youtube Account

One requirement to go live on Youtube is an account with live streaming enabled, by default all accounts are not enabled for live streaming. To enable your account for live streaming, login to Youtube, then click on the video plus button on the top right and then on the “Go Live” button

Then if your account is not enabled for live streaming, youtube will show you instructions on how to activate it, this involves clicking a few buttons and waiting 24 hours.

Get your Youtube key

Once you have a live streaming enabled account, click on the same “Go Live” button that was mentioned in the previous paragraph, which will open up the following page

In this page, you can set a title, description, thumbnail and visibility for your live streams, you can do this by clicking the EDIT button (shown by arrow 1) which will open up a small window where you can change the details, by default, your live streams are set to “Unlisted” which means that only people with the link can view them, you can change this to “Public” so that any live streams appear right on your channel and are easily findable by your viewers.

The other important bit of information in this screen is the stream key, to copy your stream key, click on the copy button highlighted by the arrow 2. This will copy your stream key to the clipboard.

Add your stream key to Vidphone

Login to your Vidphone account, then open your profile page by clicking on the top right person silhouette and clicking on the “Profile” item

In the profile page, paste the key in the “Youtube Stream Key” field and save the changes by clicking on the update button.

Enable Youtube Live for your stream

To enable youtube livestreaming for a vidphone stream, when you schedule your webinar/livestream from the dashboard, simply toggle the “Stream to Youtube” toggle to Enabled

Get your Youtube link

Now that your Youtube live streaming is setup, when you are live on Vidphone, you also go Live on your Youtube channel. To get the link that you are live on Youtube , go back to the page from where you got the stream key. You will see the following screen as you would be live on Youtube.

You can see the chat on the right side, to get the url on which the live stream is on, you can click on the icon pointed by the arrow which will open up a screen with your link, copy the link and share it to get more people to view your stream.