14 Day Lead Generation Challenge!

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Welcome to part 1 of the 14 Day Lead Generation challenge is about ideating the perfect topic for your webinar series. These series of posts are designed to enable you to create your own webinar series, learn best practices in order to create engaging, interactive andd marketable webinars so that you can add many new leads to your CRM.

First Value then Sales

Before planning your webinars, it’s important to realize that as a general rule of thumb the first few webinars need to provide an enormous amount of value to your viewers, you should refrain from selling your product/services. Let the audience know who you are, build a connection with them and then you can make the latter webinars a little more salesy.

Webinar series vs one off webinars

The benefits of hosting a webinar series are that it enable you to dive deep into your topic. This keeps your audience invested in showing up for your next webinars. Keeping your webinars at the same time every week also has the added benefit of your audience to anticipate your webinar promo emails into their inbox at the same time every week.

Which Topics to choose

Focus on content first. Pick a topic in which you have enough material for atleast 5-6 webinars. Some good topics for webinars are:

  • “How to” tutorials with examples are a good first start.
  • An indepth dive into a niche topic may get you a smaller overall audience, but the audience who do join will be more invested in the topic.
  • Tell a Story! For example if you want to create a webinar series on sales. Plan the series so that each webinar mentions an interesting story which highlights a sales method that you want to share.

Generally keep your initial webinars short, keep your presentations crisp and short. Bring along a few co-presenters along with you. Another important tip is to take frequent breaks for audience input, post questions to the audience, send them a poll, keep them engaged. One sided webinars are boring and monotonous.

Join us for the next part of the 14 day lead generation challenge where we how to market your webinar to the masses.