Tools for Remote Work – Bring Serendipity Back to the Office

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Tools for sustainable remote work in 2021 At Vidphone we really look at remote work as a very very serious kind of problem to work on.We have seen with scheduled meetings and scheduled webinars the whole element of serendipity today is lost in business and this is one of the big challenges today of remote work where there is no possibility of having a good chance meeting and anybody who is in business, anybody who’s worked for a while will tell you that a lot of things in life and business, a lot of good things in life and business happen unplanned right, you don’t really have an appointment or to schedule a time for that, they happen due to ubiquiti, they happen serendipitously, so i think that it’s very important that in the remote work, remote world that we are able to actually replicate these these scenarios write very very critical. At Vidphone we allow you to bring your teams together and give you the tools that you need to be able to absolutely excel at your remote tasks. So that’s really what Vidphone’s about. I encourage all of you to feel free to head to our website, feel free to try out our free trial and happy to share a lot more details.

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