Introducing Video Marketing Automation

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Lead generation online normally involves ads or conducting large online events like webinars to draw attention to your product or brand.

While advertising is effective, it’s also expensive and a lot of times very invasive. Conducting webinars will get you leads but what next, what do you do with the leads, how do you nurture them effectively to become customers?

Video Marketing Automation or VMA for short includes Lead generation, Nurturing leads based on segments, activating stale leads and finally converting sales by setting up one-one video meetings without the need to confirm availability multiple times.

So how does VMA work? the first step is to generate some leads. We have found the one of the best way to generate high quality leads is to conduct a series of webinars. You need to always provide value in your webinars, create a series of engaging webinars that a user can attend and then by the third or forth webinar the user is hooked, once the user is hooked you can move them onto the lead nurturing stage.

Generally the way to keep in touch with a webinar lead is to send them an email, but text is a limiting medium, you can do soo much more with Vmail campaigns. Vmails are prerecorded short video and audio messages which you can send out to your leads. You can also segment the leads and send different Vmails to different campaigns. For example, you can send a Vmail to those that missed your webinar with the link for the next one and why they should attend your webinar.

The Vmail campaign emails contain a CTA (Call To Action) button, this CTA can contain your schedule link. If you set your schedule in the dashboard then anyone who visits your schedule page can book a meeting with you or your sales team from any of the available slots. You can also add questions that they need to answer before booking a meeting so that you get some context on what the meeting is about. Once a user books a slot, the meeting link is generated and the meeting emails are sent to all involved parties with a file to add it to your calendar. A reminder email is also sent shortly before the meeting starts.

The meeting takes place right in your vidphone room. You can customize you room by setting a theme. Room admins also have additional privileges. Once your are on a one on one meeting with the lead, there is a much greater chance of converting the sale.