Introduction to Redis

Redis is an open source, in-memory data structure store which is commonly used as a database, cache or a message broker.  Since data is stored and retrieved in memory, operations are very fast with a time complexity of O(1).

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Introduction to WebRTC

WebRTC is a framework that enables real time peer to peer communication between web browsers via a javascript API. With WebRTC , you can share live video and audio between peers. You can also use it for low latency file and data transfer.

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Progressive Web Apps Caching Strategies

In our last post we discussed about adding service workers to your site and converting your web app into a Progressive Web App(PWA).  In this post we will discuss some of the pitfalls to avoid and the caching strategies that  we can employ with service workers.

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Introduction to Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps(PWAs) are normal web apps that appear to the user like native mobile apps. They do this by loading instantly and reliably in every network condition even offline, Engage the user with features like push notifications even when the user has left the app or closed the browser.

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An Introduction to Livewire Messenger

An introduction to Livewire Messenger. Easily integrate high quality and secure voice and video chat into your websites and apps.   Full transcript – Hello everybody! Thank you for taking the time to watch this short video. In this video I want to give you a brief introduction on Livewire Messenger, our brand new voice … Read more

Add Free SSL Certificates For Your Website

Websites with valid SSL certificates ensure that your site is better protected against malicious users. It also hinders malicious users from listening into data flowing from your website visitors to your servers.

You can now install secure SSL certificates for your website for FREE from LetsEncrypt and Cloudflare .  Which one to install depends on whether you have ssh (shell) access to your server or not.

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Web Sockets Tutorial

WebSockets can be used to implement a persistent duplex connection between your client and server. This is a simple tutorial to get you started.

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Add Live Video Calling to your website

Unlike most chat widgets available today, the Livewire Messenger Widget allows your website visitors to chat with you through Video, Voice and Text. Integrating the widget onto your site can be done in a few simple steps.

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An introduction to WebSockets.

WebSockets provides a  bidirectional persistent connection between a server and client. Using WebSockets, either the client or the server can initiate the connection.

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