Secure Live Banking at Scale

... Establish credibility and trust with your clients.

Provide superior experiences

Revolutionize your engagement experiences! Develop customer loyalty and increase business.

  • Your agents are just a click away. Let your clients join customized 1 on 1 calls without any download or registration required
  • Send Personalized Offers and discounts via recorded video and voice messages
  • Live stream new product launches to increase brand and product awareness
  • Be there for your high value customers 24/7 and increase loyalty and trust

Video KYC

Video KYC enables you to service more customers efficiently

  • Drastically reduce time and money to verify customers using our Video KYC.
  • Our RBI compliant system can be deployed onto your domain
  • Agents can conduct KYC quickly and easily from anywhere.
  • Our AI enabled Video KYC also provides liveliness checks, facial match comparisons with confidence scores and more.

With our Video KYC ...

Learn the benefits of enabling our Video KYC module

  • Save time of both your agents and customers as they no longer need to travel to the designated location to complete offline KYC.
  • Prevent criminals exploiting outdated verification procedures.
  • You no longer have to worry about complying with changing KYC requirements.
  • Prevent loss of revenue due to delays between customer signup and them being verified.

Integrate Video KYC today

1. Secured Transactions

RBI compliant and secure platform.

2. Cost effective

Choose to pay either per agent or per verification.

3. Automatic Update

Integrate once and receive automatic upgrades.

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Custom Plan

  • As many agents as you need
  • Flexible pricing - pay per agent or call
  • Automated and Full Video KYC
  • Unlimited Video and Voice Messages
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Premium Support
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