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The Video Platform for the hybrid enterprise

Vidphone’s Video platform has all the tools and integrations you need for marketing, sales, collaboration, and customer service. Pick one or any combination of products to see the impact of video on your organisation.

Marketing Zone

Gain highly qualified leads, grow traffic, convert more visitors, and run complete marketing campaigns at scale.

Popular Features
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing automation
  • V-CRM
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Sales Zone

Our video sales tools help you get deeper insights into prospects, automate the tasks you hate, and close more deals faster.

Popular Features
  • Video Meetings
  • Schedule links
  • V-CRM
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Service Zone

Connect with customers, exceed expectations, and turn them into loyal customers who grow your business.

Popular Features
  • Widget Integration
  • Virtual Kiosk
  • Schedule link
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Developers Zone

Easily add live video meetings and webinars into your website and apps in minutes not days. Customize the look and feel easily.

Popular Features
  • Embed Webinars
  • Meetings SDK
  • API and Integrations
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Operations Zone

Collaborate and sync up with your team remotely from anywhere. Bring serendipitous conversations to your remote work and explore synergies.

Popular Features
  • Virtual Office
  • Video Meetings
  • Video Mail
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Showcase your brand

Bring your brand and products infront of large audiences with webinars, virtual kiosk and more!

Foster Collaboration

Take your office with you wherever you go! Collaborate instantly from anywhere. Bring serendipity to remote meetings.

Provide Superior Support

Wow your customers with premium live video support to solve their queries quickly and effectively

Remote Sales made easy

The next best thing to physically being there. Conduct high quality demos and build rapport and close the deal over low latency, high quality video.

What We Do?

Create Superior Customer & Employee Experiences

Delight your customers and employees with awesome video experiences. Showcase your product or brand to external customers. Foster collaboration and bring back serendipitous meetings with tools like the virtual office

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What can Vidphone do for you

Run your Hybrid Enterprise on Vidphone

Attract & convert prospective customers

Find and engage the right customers. Run automated marketing campaigns on Vidphone and get 100s and 1000s of new leads each week.

Grow customer relationships

Nurture leads into sales ready prospects with video. Stay intouch with automated video messages that deliver your message instantly in a personalized way.

Focus Sales on the hottest prospects

Our V-CRM helps you identify the best prospects and customers. Share custom Call to action (CTA) to get your sales people video meetings with the best leads.

Provide Premium Support

What better way to leave a good lasting impression and gain loyal customers than by providing premium live video support to solve your customer's issues in no time.

Join your office from anywhere

Take your office with you! Join your virtual office from the web or mobile and collaborate with ease. Use themeable rooms to set the tone for meetings. Bring serendipity to remote work.

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