Grow your startup with video & webinar sales

Increase engagement, provide superior support, implement the Vidphone video funnel for your business & reach a worldwide audience

Drive traffic with superior marketing

Vidphone webinars are quick and simple to setup and is an excellent tool to help you to showcase your products and gain new customers

Provide superior sales and support

Set up meetings, close the deal on video and provide unmatched premium support

Vidphone Startups

See some of our previous streams at League of Extraordinary Startups (LxS)

The Video Funnel for your business

The classical sales funnel now powered by video!

Grow your audiences and lists

Easy, no fuss live HD video webinars enable you to engage & grow your customer base, live stream your webinars simultaneously to Youtube and Facebook (coming soon), capture emails and retarget users.

Close the sale over video

Unleash your sales team from anywhere, showcase your products and solutions, answer customer queries via high quality live video, use facial cues and body language to adapt.

Unmatched support

If you need to provide superior support, apart from physically being there, there is no better way than video support, with our screensharing walk through issues and solve them swiftly.

Full Suite Video Platform For Growth

Grow your business through our offerings



Marketing Events & Town Hall Meetings

one click video chat


Simple, easy scheduling for meetings with a few clicks.

one click video chat

One Click Video

Easy customer interactions, no registration or download required

video conferencing

Video Conferencing

Online Meetings, Training & Technical Support

Webinars made easy!

From Dynamic startups to enterprises, Vidphone webinars are perfect to reach out to your audience, grab attention and spread the word.

No download required, both presenters and viewers can join easily with just the link.

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Our tailored offerings fit to the needs of businesses and help improve your sales, support and marketing via video. Get started for free, no credit card needed!


With Vidphone, you can provide unmatched sales, support & superior marketing through live video

Personalized Sales

Deliver a great sales experience!

Interact with your customer in a low friction video call without hassling the customer to register/download any product. Selling through video allows you to build on visual cues to close the sale.

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Live Streaming
Vidphone Livestream

Exceptional Support

Leaving a positive lasting impression!

Blow your customers away by solving their issues and providing support instantly live on a HD video call.

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Engaging Marketing

Capture attention through webinars!

In a seas of competitors and distractions, your product/brand needs to stand out, what better way to grab attention that using the medium with the highest level of engagement. Live Video!

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Live Streaming

What's waiting for you

All the features you need to drive traffic and close sales


Stream to large audiences, demo your products with easy, conduct presentations with 1000's of viewers

Fast Video Meetings

No time wasted on registration or downloading anything, just open the link to start a new video conference

Screen Sharing

On desktop and laptop, Vidphone allows you to share your screen easily with a click of a button without the need to download or install anything.


Vidphone provides the option to record meetings and webinars. Download the recording whenever you like from the vidphone dashboard.


Vidphone provides the option to schedule calls and webinars easily using the vidphone dashboard. Share the invite link right from the dashboard through a variety of platforms

Mobile Friendly

Take calls on the go with your mobile web browser. Vidphone lets you make & receive calls, group video calls, you can also start webinars from the mobile web browser.

Video communications for winning businesses

Connect & engage with customers, teams & partners in live video

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Live video communication finds use in a variety of verticals

Professional Services

Professional Services

1-1, group video meetings and webinars



Seller-buyer contact, High value transactions

Health Care

Health Care

Telemedicine - Doctor - Patient video consultations

Auto Dealerships

Auto Dealerships

Video sales, showcases

Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Construction

Remote monitoring, video sales



Video KYC, video banking

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