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Remotely on Video

Vidphone provides all the tools you need for synchronous and asynchronous communication to enable you to run your business on Video.

All-in-one Remote Work Software

Be more productive

With the rise of work from home and video meetings, people are spending more time in meetings than ever before. Does everyone need to be in all the meetings all the time?

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Just like a real office!

Take a seat and tap someone to call them into an inpromptu meeting, tap on some one else to add them to your meeting. Bump into people, just like the real office!

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Your Identity & Branding

Showcase your brand in the virtual kiosk. Let your viewers see your marketing material and your latest webinars are automatically displayed front and center.

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Prevent Burnout

Knowledge workers need some uninterrupted time to work efficiently. With the virtual office, there is fewer distractions and requests for time consuming meetings.

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Create a company

Get your Vidphone account, Create a company and lets get going.


Add your teammates

Add your teammates to your company.


Take a seat

Join your virtual office. Collaborate with ease. Take a seat and add anyone to a call by just tapping on them. Send private messages or just hangout.

Virtual Office + Virtual Kiosk!

Your own private office for serendipitous meetings, say goodbye to excessive scheduled meetings.

Tap someone to join a quick call just like the office, bump into someone online and discuss ideas! Just like the office, you will not feel the need to call everyone in for long meetings all the time.

The virtual kiosk is your very own customizable mini website. Share the link and your customers can see your branding and marketing material.

They can also interact in realtime with you via video/voice calls and text. They can schedule meetings at mutually convenient times or drop their business card

Working remotely can make one feel isolated. Virtual office can help you overcome this as you can see who is online, have quick video or text chats, make small talk and enjoy each others company.

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