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Integrate branded, configurable and programmable live video with just a few lines of code. Get started in minutes.

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Create a Meeting

With three simple steps, you will get a full fledged video conferencing solution integrated into your platform.

The first step is to create a meeting using our API. Once a meeting is created, you will receive a unique meeting id.

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Add a participant

Participants can have different roles. For example the owner role provides previledges to mute/unmute other participants. You can also create participants with lesser privileges. Participants return an id that is valid for 24 hours.

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Starting the meeting

Simply add the iframe and pass in the meeting id and the participant id. The SDK will automatically handle any resizing of the iframe element.

Meetings analytics are available in the dashboard. You can view analytics both meeting wise and participant wise.

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Integrate in minutes

Build Awesome Experiences

Personalize your meeting room

Personalize meeting rooms, provide superior experiences with private chat, virtual backgrounds and more!

Simple API

Interact with the platform via our API. Our simple API lets you get started quickly. Integrate into your web application with just one iframe.

Low touch integration

Focus on building out your application and leave the live video to us. Get the latest features without manually upgrading. Pay per minute and get quality reports for every minute of usage.

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