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Add video & voice calling, meetings and webinars into your web and mobile applications in a snap

How it works

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Register for a developer account

Contact us with your requirements and we'll set you up with a developer account and the nessary libraries.

one click video chat

Integrate into your app

Integrate our SDKs quickly and easily into your apps. We provide superior support to ensure that you get to deploy your solution ASAP.

one click video chat

Get your usage stats

The Vidphone console will give you details on how you use the SDK so that you can make optimizations

Integrate into your websites and apps

Easy to integrate

We take care of most of the heavy lifting. Both the frontend and backend being provided.

Video, voice and text

You can integrate video/voice solutions like calling, meetings and webinars. We also have text chat during the calls and meetings.

Customized solutions

Contact us and we will provide you the most suitable solution for your usecase. We will also provide superior support to ensure that your deployment goes smoothly.

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