All the features you need to do business in Real time

Webinars and Streaming

Stream your meetings and appointments.

Need to showcase your product or presentation, With Live Streaming, you can let the whole world view your stream in real time.

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Live Streaming
Vidphone Livestream

Vidphone Video Calls

High Quality Video Calling

The widget allows your website customers to communicate with you through high quality video calls. Increase Conversions by engaging your vistors in real time.

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Meetings and Conferences

High Quality Group Video Calling

Attend and participant in all your meetings no matter where you may be. Share presentations and demos with clients and customers through high quality live video.

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Vidphone Livestream

Vidphone link

Your own customizable personal mini site.

You get your own personal Live Link, through which your website visitors can call or chat with you. We also provide analytics on who visits your Live Link.

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Live Link

Vidphone Widget

Super easy single script integration

Power your website with Vidphone by copying a single script into your html. So easy even non-developers can integrate it in a jiffy!

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messenger widget

Vidphone Dashboard

Manage your account and view analytics

Your own dashboard to manage your account and view analytics about your apps usage. You can use our analytics to help in acheiving your business goals.

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Vidphone Voice Calls and Text Chats

Life doesn’t get easier than voice and texting!

Voice calls available as well when you don't want to video chat or for shaky networks. Text chat available for when you are away. Text chat also comes with triggers so that you can prompt your website visitors.

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voice calls

Inherently viral

Spreading the word has never been easier!

Your Livestreams can be shared across networks using SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, blogs or even a link on your own website!

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Vidphone Livestream

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different?

What makes Vidphone different - Vidphone is an integrated platform with the widget connected to your mobile application. Easily convert visitors into happy customers!

How to integrate the widget?

You will need to create an account with us and then fill up the account section, next you can copy paste the provided text and receive calls on the Vidphone app.

How do i answer incoming calls?

You can answer incoming calls directly from the dashboard.

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