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The NEW Video Customer Journey

Lead Generation to Sales!

How it works

Gain Leads, Nurture Leads & Grow Sales.

Grow your audience

Showcase your products and services to new audiences with webinar campaigns. Schedule multiple campaigns and go live on Vidphone plus other social media platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and more!

  • Schedule multiple campaigns easily.
  • Promote your webinars.
  • Go Live on multiple platforms.

Nuture Segmented Leads

Post your webinar, find all the leads, across webinars in your V-CRM. You can segment them based on activity and nurture them as needed to increase sales. You can also send them video mail or add them to a marketing automation.

  • Find all leads across webinars in V-CRM.
  • Sort leads into segmented buckets.
  • Nurture leads by segment.

Close the sale over HQ Video

Create your schedule in the dashboard and share your schedule link, leads can pick a mutually available time and go through a high quality demo over live video with your sales team and close the sale.

  • Setup your schedule in the dashboard.
  • Share your schedule link with nurtured leads via V-CRM or VMail.
  • Conduct demos over High Quality video & close the sale.