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Video Marketing Automation

Save time, money and improve sales conversion rates by 30-50%.

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  • % increase in conversions rate

  • % increase in click rates

  • % increase in sales-ready leads

  • Lower Lead Gen Costs by

Discover everything Video Marketing Automation has to offer

Lead Generation

Gain 100s and 1000s of qualified leads week on week. Conceptualize and create series of webinars to deliver value to your audience. Interact and engage with the audience with tools like Video Raise Hand, chat, polls, dynamic CTA.

Experience Automation

Audiences are segmented based on whether they registered/attended/missed your webinar. Relevant Vmail sequences is automatically sent to them.

Content Personalization

Email sequences based on how the user has interacted with your webinars. Send follow up emails to nudge leads to take the next steps, automatically invite people who missed your webinar for the next one.

Improve sales conversion

VMail sequences can contain your schedule link. Upload your schedule so that leads can conveniently book meetings with you or your sales team at mutually convenient times

From Lead generation to sales!

What does VMA do?

Explore Video Marketing Automation

Lead Generation & Management

A few good leads is much better than many uninterested users. Gain high quality leads by providing value to your users by conducting webinars series. We have found that the ideal webinar series will provide lots of value to the user to entice them to become a customer. V-CRM aggregates all the leads across all webinars in one place from which you can send Vmail campaigns and more.

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Marketing Automation

Keep intouch with your audience by sending targeted email campaigns based on audience segements. Send prerecorded video/voice messages. Customise the Call to action to drive leads to your kiosk from where they can book meetings with you or your sales team.

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Vmail Marketing

Do more with richer messages. Record or upload short Video and Voice messages that can be sent out to your lists. Create sequences where specific emails and messages are sent out after certain events like someone attending your webinar.

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Analytics & Export

See how your campaigns are faring at a glance and iterate and improve to get better metrics. You can easily export analytics data and import it to other systems.

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