Video Marketing Automation

Save time, money and improve sales conversion rates by 30-50%.

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  • % increase in conversions rate

  • % increase in click rates

  • % increase in sales-ready leads

  • Lower Lead Gen Costs by

Why do you need Video Marketing Automation?

Save time, money. Gain high quality leads and increase sales conversion rates!

Save Time

Setup once and forget. Create sequences of vmails once, upload or record video and audio marketing material. Send the sequence out automatically for each webinar.

Gain leads

Webinar series are perfect tools to tell your story and showcase your product. Spread your reach by streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously. Edited recordings can be reused in your future marketing material

Improve sales conversion

Nurture leads by sending them relevant vmails based on their segment. CTA button also allows them to schedule a meeting with you at mutually convenient times.


Find out how well you are doing at a glance. See who are actively engageing with your content. Change your content, iterate and see how well the changes perform. Export data with one click.

From Lead generation to sales!