One on One consultations with experts!

Set your schedule and let people book paid appointments with you. Build your tribe and spread your knowledge.

How it works

one click video chat

Set your schedule

In the Vidphone dashboard you can setup your schedule. You have total control over your availability.

one click video chat

Start your consultations

Customers will book from your available slots, make the payment and then its all up to you to provide your expertise on the call. The call happens right in your browser, no downloads required!

one click video chat

Go Live with channels

You can also host private, branded paid webinars called channels with your audience.

Share your expertise

Set your price

You are completely in control of your price for 1-1 consultations

No downloads

The entire process happens right in your favorite browser.

No monthly cost

We only take a small commission from your sales, no other costs!

Your brand

Brand your calls and drive engagement. Bring your brand into the spotlight.


Turn your audience into paid subscribers with channels. Host as many channels with any audience size.


Download, edit and share your recordings on all platforms to spread your reach and build a larger following.

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