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Simple and easy video conferencing

Personal Rooms

Need to meet virtually? Get your own room. Meet using the same link always.

You can also schedule your meetings and invite anyone with just a link.

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Schedule at mutually convenient times

When booking a meeting, it can get tiresome email go back and forth to schedule your all important meeting. With our Video Appointment Scheduler, simply set your schedule and share your link, the other side can book a meeting only among your available times and the meeting is instantly confirmed!

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Customizable Theme and Background

With the rise of video meetings, the experience is generally the same, you either have a grid of videos or you have one main video with a section of smaller videos.

But what if you want to standout or set the mood for your meeting. Say a relaxed meeting at the beach or a more formal meeting in the office. Set the tone with theme rooms. Do this by setting the theme for your room.

You can also showcase your brand in physical meeting rooms by providing us with your logos.

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Collaboarate easily!

Skip the traffic. Book meeting and collaborate virtually.

  • Screenshare - share your screen or tab, a click away.
  • Admin controls - mute/kick unruly users easily
  • Fully customizable - Enable/disable features with a few clicks.
  • Whiteboard - collaborate with realtime whiteboard, annotate images and documents

Meetings made easy

All in one video meeting platform!

Browser Based

Don't be late for an important meeting just because you need to download the meeting client. Join using your favorite browser instead

Set the Theme

Set the mood for the meeting by changing the theme, set a beach theme for a relaxed meeting or a office theme for a formal meeting. Showcase your branding or just have fun with virtual backgrounds.

Your Room

Meet in your memorable room to avoid wasting time looking for the meeting link.