video messages instead of boring meetings

Get productive with async video meetings and save millions


How it works

one click video chat

Select a contact/group

Choose a contact or create a group with the people you want to communicate with

one click video chat

Record your message

Click the video or voice button to record your message.

one click video chat

Reply when convenient

View messages in your own time and reply back and forth when convenient

Remote work made efficient

Asynchronous Communication

Avoid burnout by converting long video calls to short video/voice messages that can be viewed and replied to later.

No downloads required

Create and receive video and voice messages directly from your favorite web browser.

Save time

You can add more information and decipher it faster with video and voice rather than text messages.


Create groups, checkin with your groups tasks easily without constantly interrupting them.

Audio/text messages

Don't want to be on video? No problem, send audio/text message in a flash.

Audio/Video Calls

When you do need to meet, connect easily by calling one another right from the tab.

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