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Create memorable Hybrid events and Webinars with Vidphone. Gain leads and nurture them with our V-CRM!

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Qualified Leads!

Gain new leads each week

Lead Generation

Blow your audience’s mind with superior Hybrid Events hosted in stunning event spaces. Looking for a virtual only event? Host webinars and live streams and engage your audience from anywhere.

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Browser Based

The success of your webinars depends on how many people you can get to attend. Remove barriers like downloading software clients just to attend a webinar. Our webinars work on both Desktop and mobile on all major browsers.

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Interactive Webinars

Don't go it alone. Add Co-Presenters to join you when you go live. Stream to Youtube and Facebook to reach larger audiences. Interact with the live audiences via chat, questions, polls and video raise hand.

Webinar recordings is automatically uploaded to the same link so that even people who missed the live webinar can gain from your content

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Host amazing events!

Showcase your brand and your products with exceptional experiences.

  • Host events at partner locations in beautiful event spaces.
  • Engage your virtual audiences with an interactive stream and video raise hand.
  • Book a partner MC and thrill your audiences.
  • Dedicated team assigned to ensure event success

Webinars made easy

All in one webinar platform!

Reach more customers

More and more of your customers are now only accessible online. Stream live to Vidphone TV, Youtube and Facebook simultaneously and reach greater audiences.

Provide unmatched value

For Lead generation, one of webinars are of not much use. You need to use Vidphone to run webinar series and provide value to your potential customers.

Market and sell

Spend the last few minutes marketing and selling your product/service. Use the recordings as marketing material. You can also send the audience to your offers with our CTA feature.